TWIT 780: The Great Firewall of America

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Man I am mad, it is like crucifying an innocent person because a crime he or she did not committed, the US obliges the apps made here to do the same with the apps in the US, that is why we have LOTS of exploits and zero day vulnerabilities that affect not only US citizens, but the whole world, should we ban anything done in the US? GOD NO!! If we ban anything we LOSE access to not only it but whatever culture, information or even tech that surrounds it and that should be ilegal, if the US wants to be exemplary for once they should retire the use of their surveillance policies from any digital product and make a digital Geneva convention.

IF somebody needs to be banned it must be Trump and everyone else who is supporting him to do whatever he wants from both social networks and any gubernamental charge at once.

I am a Mexican and thus I “should” not be affected right away from the decisions of the US, but the president of Mexico Andrés Manuel López Obrador is becoming an US puppet to the point that from some days ago we forcefully adopted the US copyright laws because Trump forced us to do so, thus… It is more than probable that we will be forced to comply sooner or later

Tik tok as well as Huawei must be unbanned, this is clearly unjustified, if the US want to go digitally nuclear at least I hope they are prepared to lose the trust of the world

And I am not defending China neither, while MANY of the Chinese values are nice and must be learned worldwide including their non violent and peaceful cultural domination tactics and the more lax copyright laws there are many values like the constant enforcement of their political preferences, believes and values over their people that are not good at all and should be stopped and prohibited worldwide

To summarize YES! they should not obligue their apps to surveil anybody neither but if the US want to cry about a government doing the same thing they do AT THE VERY LEAST do not be hypocrite

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I think the only play that can work against Elgan’s trenchant couching of the issue is to apply the ethos of individual responsibility and trust within the bespoke mediasphere now possible for us each to inhabit, in a robust and auditable way like tech is only barely just now groping toward with projects like SQRL. The important thing is to discredit the open/gameable systems by offering a stronger alternative that leverages the scarcity of real-world, direct inter-personal connection, while setting an ethos and culture that warns against failing to be sufficiently selective (which is the ethos animating open, traditional media broadcast’s trustworthiness in the first place). Applying verifiable but still anonymized IDs that can privately be checked against public personae (like if we subscribed to TWiT by a public key Leo himself created) I think has to become the baseline for attention-worthiness.

Sure, spraying out onto social media might still be possible, but you’d cut off the frenzy over publicity cum ad dollars that is frothing free speech into extremism, I think.

I’m way out of timezone so I can’t respond to this in the chat room, but. I think the one Huawei threat is not spying but the ability to push a kill switch to a core utility. driverless cars, commerce etc etc


Welcome @isbaxter , well that is the same any other 4G / 5G provider, but either way that only concerns the cell towers, no their phone business

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You guys always mention Apple pay working better than Samsung or Google pay but I find that Costco credit cards work as well or better than Apple pay. Not sure how well Apple pay works with credit cards but I have my debit card attached to it and I always have to enter my PIN on the POS and “Do you want cash back?”

The Costco credit cards work at their POS systems in store including their food court and their gas stations.

And I fully agree with the stock market. Makes no sense these days. Hertz files for bankrupcy? Goes up 600% in the next two days. I do not think it was irrational to sell everything before this pandemic. In a rational world, things would have crashed with the greater economy.

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You would hope that the provider has enough experience and knowledge not to leave ports open to allow a kill switch from an external entity to be thrown… Any such traffic should only be allowed on a separate network (VLAN or physical and that VLAN should have no access to the Internet).

True @dogbegone - I’ve used Samsung pay when a terminal doesn’t support Apple Pay. The Samsung tricks magnetic stripe readers - which is a unique and handy feature. Fortunately we’re seeing fewer and fewer of those in the States.

I used to have to enter my pin with my USAA debit card, but I don’t any more. I’d guess that’s up to the bank, not Apple or the merchant.


Thats your Bank, not ApplePay


Good to know. It is a debit card from Chase.

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I haven’t checked recently, but every time I attempted to use Google Pay at the market, it would tell me to use the card instead. Very annoying.

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This is a problem with the merchant or the merchant’s choice of transaction processor. Unclear you can influence this, but if you wanted to try, you should complain to the merchant.


That is due to the debit card.

My credit cards don’t ever require a PIN with Apple Pay but debit card does sometimes.

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