TWIG 775: Chocolate Creme Filled Donuts for the Soul

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Montreal style bagels are safe from all Supreme Court decisions.

@Leo when you’re here we have to get you to have a bagel debate with Paris&Jeff

Having a Montreal bagel and smoked meat is number one on my list of the first things to do when I get off the boat. But…

Fairmount or St. Viateur… that’s the question!

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If you take enough steps, I’m sure you can treat yourself to both! Or maybe go halfsies with the wife (one open face each) to try both!

I personally like Fairmount bagels more, but you can’t go wrong with either. Although warning: both those locations (assuming you’re going to the landmark ones) are cash only. I once rode my bike all the way to St Viateur but I was assuming I could use my credit card. I had to go home all sad.

If you’re interested in another little montreal secret: As Montreal as? The mystery of the cheese bagel | Montreal Gazette (it’s not a cheddar bagel, despite the name :stuck_out_tongue: )

You’re killing me! September can’t come fast enough!

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You’re going to leave a very cultured man. Dripping blue white and gold

I was watching an older episode of TWIG (754) and you mentioned you love public music, buskers in particular. Montreal has tons of those, specially inside the metro system. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Yes, the Montreal metro is something special. In addition to the buskers, the varied architecture of the metro stations is well worth spending time admiring.

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I found that the Montreal metro seems to have more acceptance across a wider variety of users than seems the subway systems of other cities I’ve visited. It seems like anyone and everyone uses the metro, from tourists, to people of limited means, to non-car owners with their bikes, to seemingly wealthy people in their “Sunday best” on the way to church. Not sure the specific reason why it gives this impression over any others, but it does seem clean, expansive and generally welcoming more than other systems. I’ve yet to experience the new REM though, so I guess I should plan a trip to Montreal again sometime in the future.

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The London Tube network is similarly used by all walks of life. While it doesn’t have quite the same breadth of architecture as the Montreal metro, parts of it are pretty impressive, particularly the new Elizabeth line (as it should be for nineteen billion pounds!)

I love subways/metros/undergrounds. The best invention ever. And I try to ride them in every city I visit. Tokyo’s is an amazing engineering feat. Paris and Budapest are works of art. Even some of the NYC stops are wonders to behold.

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Montreal has one of the biggest underground cities. How long will you be in town for?

It’s nice to take home a new transit fare card from each different transit system like a souvenir. Our transit system uses real hard plastic cards like a credit card (although as a tourist there’s likely non-plastic options that suit your needs too)

I learned the hard way not to keep all my souvenirs in my wallet though… I lost it in 2018 :frowning:

I’m a mass transit nerd, I have a big map of every transit line for the Montreal in my office.

We’re only in Montreal for a day or two. I have to get back in time for TWiT on 9/22. One full day in town though.