TWIG 746: Huffin' Hazelnut

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@leo what happened to TWiG this week? I got the old farts Christmas Special instead on my Club feed…

Great show, but not what I was expecting😉

Which feed @big_D - is it a club feed?

I’m told it was a brief mistake - should be ok now. Redownload.

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Yes, it was the Club feed for TWiG.


As a fiction writer, NotebookLM is exactly what I’ve been waiting for! Next time I can’t remember whether Character A told Character B about Fact X, I can look it up in a more natural and foolproof way than searching for precise terms. The accuracy of Gemini Pro’s summaries is…mostly inaccurate, but the citations make up for that.

No Man’s Sky does have a plot, by the way! It’s just not the most in-your-face about it. You have to pay attention to dialogue and read all the text you find. For that, you’re rewarded with a somewhat mindbending story of existentialism. (I can’t say any more without dropping spoilers.)