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I notice Leo is skeptical of the surgeon general’s warnings, but conversely seems to believe everything the CDC says as gospel, whether it flies in the face of logic and other proven data/reports. What’s the difference? Not saying that I believe either since they are both government run agency’s / office.

I calls 'em as I sees 'em. You, on the other hand, seem to have an agenda, ne c’est pas?

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huh?..why do you think he has an agenda? He even stated he is susceptible of either view…

Because he was never skeptical of the CDC who made a lot of blunders with COVID. By the way, I never said anything about an agenda. I think a lot of people believed everything from the CDC because they were fearful, and when people are fearful, it seems like it’s much more likely they will believe whatever the government (or an agency of the government) says without thinking through it and just watching what is happening.

It’s a falsehood that scientists and doctors never make mistakes. Still, you want government paid scientists and doctors doing their best to provide the most correct guidance available in the face of shifting priorities and developing facts. I’ll trust the government’s top doctors much more so than some orange baboon suggesting I drink or inject bleach.