TWIG 700: Impecunious Mods

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The video snipped “The Human Side of Google’s Layoffs” was very touching. It’s a shame that that part was only posted on YouTube.

This is the norm for a lot of TWiT clips, unfortunately. Doesn’t really make sense to me, since YouTube isn’t TWiT’s primary platform at all.

It’s a clip from the full show.

These clips are posted on YouTube for promotional value. But, if you want to subscribe to them as a standalone podcast you can - the feed is called “Tech Break.”

If you watch the full show you’re not missing anything but there may also be clips from shows you don’t watch.

Is the feed really complete compared to the YouTube channel?

YouTube also includes a MacBreak Weekly clip about macOS security keys which isn’t part of the Tech Break feed, and Bitwarden Acquires “ from Security Now, and Job Cuts Come to Google from AAA (Tech Break only includes the mention on TWiG). Just comparing the first 8 videos, only 5 are included in Tech Break.

Am I missing something? It’s also harder to compare, when the title and order of the videos is different.

When I briefly subscibed to the Tech Break channel years ago, I noticed the same pattern of a few YouTube-exclusive few clips.

Maybe the reason is to save bandwidth costs, or to not overwhelm subscribers of the Tech Break feed with too many episodes, or to avoid limitations of some podcatchers, or because it’s too much work for the staff to post it to multiple places? I can only guess and there might be legitimate reasons.

AFAIK the YouTube clips are all from the podcasts, so no, you don’t miss anything (other than the live stream pre/post-show chats).

That AAA clip for example is about 21 mins into this week’s AAA.

Edit - Ah, understand now. You are comparing the Tech Break feed with the YouTube clips.