TWIG 681: Drop, Cover, and Hold On

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There was a BBC Media Show episode that interviewed Sky News, a commercial radio station and a Scottish newspaper about their processes around the death of Queen Elizabeth. Was interesting.

Sky News saw the tweet and luckily had all their decision makers in the same meeting (reviewing their London Bridge processes) so they immediately decided to go with the story. The news director did comment that for a few minutes she started to worry they’d jumped the gun.

Radio had song playlists all prepared, had their most senior DJ with BBC experience on standby, ads were immediately halted. Lots of preparation.

I think the BBC News banner going black too early thing was a mistake by US commentators. The BBC News banner has stayed red throughout. They had looked at the page by mistake which is always black.

Noticed that is black and grey with a photo tribute, not sure if that’s just a UK thing.

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Glad this was even a thought in this world of “be the first to report”

I suspect what probably happened was the go-ahead was given for the announcement via all comms channels simultaneously, but obviously, it would appear on social media first.

So broadcasters for a few minutes didn’t have a press release in their hand, but could see the tweet.

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@Leo Although @JeffJarvis is losing his beloved pixelbook, you might point him towards the newly-announced Framework Chromebook.

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