TWIG 678: Podcast Legend Having Lunch

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I had a couple of comments about the show.

Firstly, the AI taking over, I think this is still a long way off, the creativity just isn’t there, for me, and as was pointed out a few weeks back, the graphic artists will often point out things that the client has overseen - unwanted racial connotations, poor wording, poor composition that could all damage the client’s reputation. The AI, at least currently, does not have this ability and unless it gets feedback on where it went wrong, it won’t learn and if a professional isn’t involved, the client often won’t notice the errors until it is too late.

Until now, I haven’t really seen any use of AI that is really useful and groundbreaking. Even in medical, where there were such high hopes 10-15 years ago, the area is dried up, because of too many wrong diagnosis or the AI being no better than a 50-50 guess.

Secondly, streaming vs. broadcast TV. I think we still watch more broadcast TV than streaming, because the quality of programming is better, here in Germany. The public channels, similar to the BBC in the UK, funded through a TV license, makes great stuff and we watch a lot of it. Often, when we stream, it is because we have missed broadcast programmes and we stream them out of the free video library apps of the channels.

I do watch some series and the odd film on Prime and Apple TV+, but nowhere near as much as I do the traditional channels. Also, the one thing broadcast has is it is “instant”, you watch what comes next, with streaming, we’ll often sit there going through lists of stuff that isn’t really that interesting, trying to work out what we will watch, after half an hour or so, we’ll often just go back to broadcast, because it is “easier”.

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I envy you the quality of German public television. Public TV here in the US is still a thing (one channel, PBS, subsidized by donors and a bit by government, and in some areas Public Access television subsidized by the local cable franchise). But it’s also starting to become a wasteland except for a few marquee shows. Fortunately the vast variety of content from streaming service, including YouTube, has effectively satisfied the mission of “public television.”

Turns out “giving the people what they want” in the US generally means more reality TV shows and fewer prestige productions.


Broadcast TV here seems to be more and more “real housewives of xyz” or whatever reality TV show flavor of the month. I’m just glad it’s football season


Given the Lord of the Rings resurgence on Amazon, my dread is “Real Housewives of Gondor” or something like that!


Lol ((rim shot))

I may glance at that

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