TWIG 655: No Time for Slug Collation

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@Leo and @ant_pruitt , a slight correction on Stadia :slightly_smiling_face:

I subscribed to Stadia Pro, got the cheap controller and free 4k Chromecast and used it quite a bit during the 1st lockdown, but have now let the Pro subscription lapse.

With a free account, you still have access to any games you purchased. What you lose is 4k UHD and access to the Pro game library (which are a bunch of older titles anyway). 1080p streamed gaming still looks great IMO.

But yes, I assume if they ever pull the plug on Stadia, your game purchases are gone.

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Well that’s better than I thought. I assumed you had to keep paying to keep playing. 1080p is probably fine for most streaming games, for sure.

Fingers crossed if Google do bail, they pass the userbase onto another company rather than we lose our games…but this is Google :thinking:

TBH after you get over how pretty it looks, 1080p is much more reliable and responsive for streaming.

Time has always always been a controversial. Michigan is in the Eastern Time Zone. Was told many years ago this is to keep Detroit in the same time with New York Stock Exchange. This makes the UP of Michigan west of Chicago. Also time change used to be near April 15th. CPAs had to deal with Clock Change during the busiest time. A proposal to change tax due dates based on birthdays. This was rejected.

I imagine at some point EU citizens will turn on similar calls for sanctions on the US for its own acts of aggression especially against administrations which chose to defy the UN in attacking other sovereign nations. Russian oligarchs have basically been handed a gift to leave the Petro dollar now that the country has been kicked out of the Swift financial system. Iran has been able despite sanctions to aquire a lot of technology as did Libya. I can’t imagine the sanctions as they exist being effective against Russia for long, though ordinary citizens and Ukrainians are being killed over whatever real goals Putin has at this time.
Looking forward to the end of this entire war, don’t want to see all the profit that war mongers will be trying to make out of this and I hope really sensible reconstruction will happen in the Ukraine.

Wish all the states will set a year long time zone,
Many workers thought the use wake up to go to work before sunrise and after sunset. The changing time is painful to us no matter what but I rely on all the smart devices to change, except my car where I have two clocks an hr apart so I don’t change them.