TWIG 652: Stuck in the Jungle Gym

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Please tell me that Stacey is coming back. The show takes on a whole new direction without her. Once Lory left MacBreak Weekly, it became a boy’s club, please don’t do that to TWIG! These shows are more interesting with a female point of view, especially in regard to day to day uses of tech products, and the internet of things in Stacey’s case. I’m probably overreacting about her absence, but it’s been weeks since she’s been on…

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I agree 100%. Stacy will be back next week!


Another great show, but not too much Google to talk about lol.

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Dr. Whom(Tom Baker) used to eat Jelly Babies.

What is codename Chubby Bunny, and what does it have to do with Google’s business strategy? Find out on this week’s episode of This Week in Google!