Just Love TWIG!

I was watching the latest episode of This Week in Google, and boy I love this show so muuccch! The jokes, off topic discussions about food and slurping and eating snacks … oh the joy from this show is never ending!

Thank you @Leo @JeffJarvis @gigastacey you folks are amazing! Keep up the great work!


Wow! Thank you so much. I think that’s exactly how much we love doing the show!


shenanigans galore!!! lol


There are times I absolutely love this show, and there are times when this show just rubs my gears the wrong way because it goes against my feelings or beliefs on a certain subject. That being said it is also one of my favorites because it allows me to stretch my mind and hear a point outside the conservative bubble that I tend to live in.

I have a few core beliefs that no one will ever change, but outside of the core beliefs my mind open to be stretched and to learn new thoughts and opinions Closing off the speech because it doesn’t agree with me is only going to reinforce what I believe and never allow me to learn more. And I wish to never stop learning.


Yes, Jeff with his Big Business is good mantra really gets at me sometimes, but I have a deep respect for him and his views, nevertheless.

I don’t understand why having big conglomerates is a good thing, with Apple, Google, Microsoft et al buying up small businesses left right and centre. Why do businesses have to sell out in order to survive?

It used to be that you took pride in your business and built it up for the long term, now, you don’t even have to make money, you just have to survive long enough to sell it to one of the big boys.

But it is still a great show and I love listening to it every week.


I began watching ‘netcasts’ on TWiT many years ago. The content was the major attraction but the availability of video was a very positive factor. At first I watched a lot of shows: This Week in Tech, MacBreak Weekly, iOS Today, Security Now, Triangulation, and This Week in Google. When the New Screensavers came along I added that. I learned something from every one and they were all entertaining.

However, now I’m down to TWiG alone and would be happy to explain why I dropped the others if anyone is interested. As I no longer use any Google products I skip over the changelog. The breadth of the subject matter, the intelligence of the observations especially from Ms Higginbotham, Prof. Jarvis’s rants (which often seem to be moral panics about moral panic), and Mr. Pruitt’s sly wit keep me informed, challenged and entertained.

Politically I am on the same page as Prof. Jarvis and we agree that Rupert Murdoch is the greatest threat to democracy on the planet but I disagree with several of his positions, for example on data privacy and on Facebook. He appears to hold the view that the end justifies the means when it comes to violations of data privacy and he appears to disregard the effect that Facebook’s obsession with maximizing user attention has on amplifying extremist propaganda.

This is a great program and most certainly appointment viewing.


Yes, I just LOVE TWIG. The only show I never miss. Very smart ppl talking about tech and life. The chemistry between Jeff and Stacey is something thats hard to find. I miss when Stacey is not on. And Jeff is probably the only person who will throw jabs at the boss. (“And Leo, where did u meet your wives?”) Who doesnt enjoy having the boss take a few jabs, just like everyone else does. Its more of a democracy than u think LOL.
Also, on a personal note, i am NOT a foodie, and its the one show where high end food is not a topic.
Best to everyone going forward…and Stacey…we miss you!


Hey, Stacey always brings the discussion/argument back to a sanity or has a viewpoint that nobody had thought of.

But yes, I love the sheer randomness that TWiG can be sometimes. :grin: