TWIG 604: Stuck in the Canal

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It’s getting a little tiring with everyone talking over Stacey when she actually has interesting topics such as the F1 Datacentre’s etc.


Carbon fibre dust is an issue apparently. I’m sure the tech has moved on since 2016, would be great to find a more recent article.

Engage pedantic mode: I’m no sailor, but since “prow” is defined to be the front part of the ship above water, while bow simply refers to the front of the ship, and as the bulbous part would normally be fully submerged (at least looking at the painted water line), I don’t think it’s normal to refer to it as the “bulbous prow” but the “bulbous bow.”

It is the fore most part, the bow or a pointed extending front part.

Did you have a point or did you just want to reinforce my point?

Jeff: “I am no expert.” (24:08)
Also Jeff: “What you have going on is this kind of knee-jerk reaction against it.” (29:50)

I think I finally understood that Jeff’s overarching position is not necessarily linked to the substance of the discussed topic, but to protect an innovative culture at most costs. That way, his screams of techno panic make sense stand-alone. It does not really matter what the subject - as long as it is tech-first, it will bring benefits. Those opposed are “enemies of the internet”, “just plain dumb”, “bozos” (previous episodes) and alike.

This is not to offend him (even though his offensive stance suggests he may also be able take criticism) - just to try and reflect on his perspective. It’s interesting to see a teacher as driven by one very specific perspective. Great to get your bearings and clash with a teacher, tougher to train full spectrum analysis, I suppose. But, granted, I do not know (of) a more pro-tech and pro-innovation person on planet earth as Jeff. Might simply be a smart personal brand positioning choice. Wonder if it’s a public personality designed for engagement or real life.

In that particular episode, I’d even agree with him: about time that Google came up with a new take on targeted marketing, let’s see how this works out. Should you be sceptical? If it’s pro tech, about eight years of listening in would suggest Jeff wouldn’t be, Stacey would be on the fence, Ant would share a wholesome, alternative perspective on the subject, and Leo would be smiling, marvelling at the possibilities. It’s like watching a modern day tech A-Team with Jeff being Tech B.A. Baracus since he, quite literally, loves to pity the tech-sceptical fools. :slight_smile:


I totally agree. If it is tech, it is good. If you are against any form of tech, you are a fool.

Having worked in tech since the early 1980s, my first weekend job was refurbishing Apple IIs and CP/M machines, I understand very well what a lot of modern tech is doing and I am for some of it, but knowing what I’m reading, means I also see a lot of things that are very disturbing. Because I actually understand what the tech is doing and what impact it has, and I find it is overstepping the mark, that makes me a fool.

I did have a discussion with Jeff over email a couple of years back. I didn’t want to start a flame war in the TWiT website comments with him and @Leo 's sister brokered contact with Jeff for me. We had an interesting and adult discussion, but in the end I just agreed to disagree with him, as he wouldn’t accept that my argument that the subject had some merit. I think it was over GDPR and his constant misrepresentation of the facts on TWiG that got me to contact him.

With FLOC, I still think any form of cross site tracking is wrong. I’ve yet to see a “targeted” ad that has appealed to me. They have always been for products that I already have or don’t interest me in the slightest.

I think I have silenced about 50 ads on twitter in the last few weeks, because they are for inane products that nobody with the iq of an amoeba would buy.

Go back to profiling the site /page I am visiting, that will probably have a much higher hit rate.

Products bought through targeted advertising : 0
Products bought through TWiT advertising : >6


I think a special covering FLOC would be interesting. Maybe with Steve Jeff, Mike Masnick and, the researcher Jeff mentioned during the segment about FLOC.

On Ant’s comments about wanting to be a scientist as a kid: these days there are lots of citizen science projects that are open for a participation. Here are a few links:


Love this line :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Chemistry made me want to retire from science. Lol! I burned/damaged a lot of stuff in class. My teachers were so happy to get rid of me those semesters


hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, Ant, you are a crackup


The crazy thing is, it’s TRUE. The last day of class/finals the teacher helped me on the exam and pushed me out. She did NOT want to fool with me in the class ever again. I think she grabbed a drink when I walked out.