TWIG 590: Hey, why am I not the voice of Reason?

This is my fav TWIT show, Its just the chemistry and the personalities.
Take away…(u can tell me if im right or wrong)

The professor of graduate studies at the CRAIG NEWMARK college of journalism at the City University of New York, believes that the FB is “People’s forum for voice against rulers oppression”

The Chief TWIT believes FB has become the tool of the crooks and con men to increase their power and subvert democracy.

May I have the envelope please…

And the Winner is…

The Chief TWIT. (applause)

While FB does give a voice to the voiceless, it also gives, at least these days, way too much power to liars, conspiracy nuts, death cults, and con men. This is far more dangerous to the health of our society. Im in favor of the small person having a voice, too, but right now…we have come way to close to the end of democracy, and potential civil war in this country.
To anyone who thinks that couldnt happen here, you over estimate the average person, and the affinity for mental stimulation thru screaming, yelling, throwing things, shooting, breaking things, burning things, fighting, etc. Its far more exciting to people than thinking, working things out, voting, etc.
The City University of NY, and academia in general, lives in this world of logical positivism.
Out side of that, there’s a lot of ppl who just want to blow things up. Giving them all an unmonitored forum to broadcast whatever they want to the world, can have dire cnsequences, as we have just seen in american politics. IMHO.

Jeff…go out to central Pennsylvania some time, and be shocked.
“You’ll never go broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public” - HL Menken
“There’s a sucker born every minute” - PT Barnum
“I’m not a member of any organized political party, I’m a democrat” Wil Rogers


ps…Stacy, you ARE the voice of reason. The show would pale and wither without you.


I agree with you. Jeff’s defence of all things big tech and Facebook in particular are painful sometimes. This week, he was particularly obnoxious. Not letting @Leo finish his argument, jumping, screaming down his throat each time. And why finding that there are problems with Facebook means that you are automatically anti-Section 230 was beyond belief, even for Jeff. Talk about MORAL PANIC! Jeff ate himself and became his own trope!

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Well, I owe you thanks, @bethmarshall and @big_D - when that argument started I just fast forwarded until things had calmed down! I can’t bear shouting and arguments like that - a bit like Stacy. So I got to enjoy the rest of the show without that bit.

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I usually side with Jeff when it comes to techno panic. As usual, I also agreed with him here.

Chief TWIT changes his view points depending on what show he’s hosting or who his guests are, usually to get a laugh out of his guests but sometimes to play the devils advocate.

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This is why I love Chief Twit. I believe he has solid viewpoints, often can be found by listening to a variety of shows. But for the sake of discussion he does 85% of the time play devils advocate to at least give the little man a thought in the argument.


I think he’s worst at this on TWIT when he panders so much to his guests.

Eh… Ive been listening for about 2 years. Ive never heard Leo take up a contrary view, as if it was something he believed in, just for the sake of making an argument.
He does say “what if”, i think as if to say “people who disagree with you would say”, or in many cases, he just sees both sides of an issue, and personally, he’s on the fence.
Leo seems to be pretty honest about things.
I feel the only “bad” thing is that he gets carried away with his likes and dislikes, to the point where he can turn off listeners by alienating them.
Personally, I could care less about cooking and travel, and all things new and shiny. Not that im 1 dimentional, Im jst a small business owner, and an actor, not a chef and and a sightseer.

beth :slight_smile:

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