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Any surprise TWITTER was hacked Big Time. Ross Ulbtich of Silk Road Kingpin fame, once said that Twitter was being run like a “Clown Car”

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Political advertising. I am with @gigastacey, ban all political advertising on social media.

I don’t know how the US works, but in the UK and Germany, there are our were tight restrictions on political advertising.

They couldn’t buy TV advertising “willy-nilly”, each party was given the same time slot on the main channels, one day after another and that was the extent of their TV campaign, apart from debate and talk shows, where all the main parties were usually represented.

There are also strict limits on the amount that can be spent on the campaign, I think in Germany, it is somewhere in the low tens of millions in the national elections and much less (5 figures for local and 6 figures or so for state elections). In 2017,the CDU/CSU coalition sprengt a total of 40M€ on their campaign and that was x by far the largest campaign, most of the other parties spent much less.

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Just to add, there are very strict rules on political advertising here. If the social media platforms can’t keep to those rules and enforce then, they should be banned from accepting any political advertising.

We tried to go down that path. Supreme court shot it down. It ruled no limits to the amount of spending. The flood gates were open. Wish we could un-ring that bell.


Based on this Twitter hack I am taking @leolaporte private. This is really disturbing.


I am sure you were targeted. They thought TWiT and Twitter were the same. At last the confusion paid off!

My first thought was “thank God it was only criminals after money”. Imagine what could have happened if a foreign state got the ability to make a false tweet from the US President’s account to his supporters…

Hopefully this will cause a storm that makes sure that can’t happen.

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Christchurch is a small town between Southampton and Bournemouth in South England. Like London, Oxford, Washington and many other European towns and villages, they have namesakes all over the world, where new lands were discovered and people took their hometown names with them.

Wales, like Cornwall is on the tail end of the Gulf Stream, which gives it has a partially tropical climate, which is suitable for growning things like palm trees. There are some public gardens in Cornwall and Devon that are famous for their tropical plants.

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The was a great re-tweet today, of Trump’s account, saying “Wear masks”, with a comment, well done hackers :smiley:

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What about changing the Constitution to have Senate, House, and President elected to only a single six year term.

To @gigastacey about “how many corporate phones are there?” My employer has about 6 thousand corporate owned iPhones, I have one of them. I put the MDM stuff on my Android phone a few years ago before I got the corporate one, what a mistake! I had to do a factory reset to get that crap off. MobileIron is the one that many large enterprises use, it has deep hooks, by its nature.
For over two years now I have the corporate phone with the Google Voice app so I have 2 numbers on the same phone, it’s not perfect, but I get to not pay for a phone. Just in the last 2 months they started adding additional controls that break some apps, so I will probably have to go back to 2 phones. The upside is that I’ll be back to having an Android phone!


We have a fleet of iPhones. Due to the subsidy, most employees have an iPhone 6 or SE (the old one). I think they are now getting iPhone 7 phones, or maybe the new SE. As we can only call with it and look at email, it is fairly irrelevant what phone you have.

Nearly everybody has 2 phones. You can’t install privat apps or accounts on the company phone and no company data, including email on private phones.

The advantage is that you can leave the company phone at work or turn it off in the evening , weekend or on holiday.


The older iPhone SE is a great second device work phone! It is so light and small that I barely notice it.

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