TWIG 567: He's Just Screaming in His Heart

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Great show. Glad Stacey is back :grin:

I have the battery powered version of the Eufy Doorbell that Stacey picked this week and I like it a lot. Being able to have a doorbell with live view and recordings without a subscription is very cool.

The only negative is the security to prevent someone stealing the doorbell. Instead of a security screw like the Ring, it’s pretty much a SIM ejection tool.

Not the most secure thing but I guess the hope is you have video of the person who just stole your doorbell :laughing:


@gigastacey is back! Nature is healing.


There might be video of someone stealing your Eufy doorbell but isn’t it on the Eufy? That’s one argument for cloud storage!

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So the wireless version has the local storage on the Homebase device located inside your home.

Looking it up, it seems the wired version has the storage in the doorbell instead. So yes, that would probably mean the video is gone with the Doorbell unless you have their cloud storage.

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