TTG 1752 for Sunday 6 December 2020

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@Leo had a discussion with David about the Eufy Security app asking for permissions to access photos, location, and browser information. Leo’s answer focused on Apple’s security protection within iOS. I don’t think David ever agreed this is what he was encountering. Unfortunately, there didn’t seem to be any input from the chat room from anyone with experience with Eufy.
Apparently, based on some old Anker forum discussions, at least prior to iOS providing visibility into the file system with the File app, Eufy created its own file system on iOS. Not owning any Eufy products, and being reluctant to create an account with Eufy just to see how the app works, anyone here use Eufy and the iOS app that goes with it? If so, if you look in the File app, does Eufy still create its own file system, and does it store the video files there?
I do have some camera apps on my iPhone which use the iPhones camera, but stores the photos in its own file system. The photos do not end up on the Photos camera roll.