TTG 1928 for Sunday 18 September 2022

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Regarding the very last caller on the Tech Guy show yesterday, episode #1928

Would that camcorder of his not have a Firewire port or was miniDV only analog? I have a CANON camcorder but I think that uses DAT format and so it’s digital as recorded. I can output the original digital data via the FIREWIRE port on the camcorder… I’d have to check but perhaps miniDV wasn’t digital as recorded? That would be odd though as I would assume that the “D” in “DV” meant digital.

Anyway, if that camcorder of his has a Firewire output port, then ideally he can scrounge up a Firewire card for his computer (or a USB Firewire dongle) and then he could pull in the recordings in their original digital format and capture all the data.