TTG 1885 for Saturday 16 April 2022

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Your description of DNS searches is inaccurate. It depends upon the browser.

If you change the hosts file (C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts),
you can add a DNS entry for a web site. ie (

If you ping the web site from a command prompt in windows,
windows DNS will determine the ip address is

If you use chrome to load the web page at, chrome will us its own DNS server to find that address.

Oh interesting. So you have the entire Internet in your hosts file?

Yeah, some browsers are using DNS over https over the system DNS.

I was getting a popup page every time I went to a site.
I changed the hosts file to the local address and pinged the web page, It resolved to the local address

However, it did not change chrome. The web page still popped up in chrome.
Chrome uses its own DNS.