2 Factor Authentication on LastPass

Quick question…Is it possible to use 2 separate authenticators with LastPass? I want to use both Yubikey and Authy. That way if one fails, the other is there for backup. I looked at the LastPass forums and there were a few people who asked a similar question but no one answered them. Lastpass allows you to enable more than one. I tried not plugging in the Yubikey thinking it might ask for Authy code but it didn’t. Thanks!

It seems like such a simple thing, but I suspect this is a “feature” they’re restricting to their business accounts.

I’ve not tried Authy, but I’ve been using a Yubikey for over half a decade now and it has never failed to work.

The important thing to do is ensure that you have a backup key and that you have a 1TP printed out and stored somewhere safe, for the event hat all keys go missing - or, in my case, the master password stopped working.

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Thanks Big_D. I will go with your suggestion. I was thinking that you could use an authenticator and key. I know 1Password allows that option.