TTG 1717 for Sat 08 August 2020

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Just a FYI @Leo… as a Canadian I can’t use Privacy, but because of your past advertising for them I convinced my friend in AZ to use it. He’s been very happy with them, except in one case. When he used his card to book a hotel in Vegas, it turned out to be a MAJOR hassle for him. On check in, they wouldn’t accept any card that wasn’t physical saying the virtual card depicted on his phone was no good because it didn’t have his name on it. I feel like it might more be because they want to somehow better track you.

We’ve used Privacy for our hotel payments. What we do is just have a physical card to give them, but tell them to use the card they have on file for the room (i.e. the Privacy card). They just want a card for charges in the event your initial card is declined at checkout.

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This isn’t always the case. I travel for business and my room charges are put on a corporate card I don’t carry. The PM who does the booking always has to do an authorization ahead of time to allow this.

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