TTG 1661 for Saturday 18 Jan 2020

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Leo & Johnny Jet were gushing about wanting to move to non-authoritarian countries, stating how people visiting New York city were amazed how everything is run down, decrepit. I would like to remind them that there is a lot more to this country than NYC, SFC, etc, some pretty well maintained places. In fact, Leo if you ever do the Great Lakes cruise you will miss a fantastic western coast of Michigan. When my business friends visited I would take them to South Haven, Grand Haven, Manistee, Ludington … they were amazed there were such places outside of California like that (even amazing in the winter) Most friends from CA or NY think all of Michigan is Detroit. I thought the same of New Jersey after a week in Edison, New Jersey and traveling through the state. Some great villages in the woods! I am not a travel agent by the way!