TTG 1829 for Saturday 18 September 2021

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regarding the “best video” obtainable with an actual antenna, I have to say that the reality is more of a mixed bag. When OTA HD first came out, most channels produced a high quality main channel and threw in a lower resolution secondary channel. PBS of course had the main channel and 3 or 4 lower resolution channels out of the gate. Now, for example, WCPO has carved their bandwidth into a total of 6 streams. How much quality could they have with that? WRGT - 5 streams, etc.

and several have thrown in a “nextgen” channel to boot, not sure if it takes away from the bandwidth available to the others.

so just a reminder that a station will do what it thinks best serves its owners.

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Yep, there’s theoretically enough bandwidth for OTA and cable to both have fantastic quality but carving it up into little pieces makes defeats that.