TTG 1649 for Sunday 1 Dec 2019

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RE Vietnam vet Gary and photos…I a guessing Gary doesn’t use Facebook but there are some Vietnam Vet groups that would love to see his photos. One of the few good things about FB…


also, I just used my copy of Win 7 pro to upgrade to Win 10 Pro, activated. I did install 7 first, then the MS iso usb thingy to go to 10, activation was easy.


Just FYI, I work in the tech field and I can tell you that you can download the Windows 10 installer and do a fresh install of windows 10 on any machine and use a Windows 7 - Windows 8.1 Key and it WILL ACTIVATE with the same version as the key. When installing the new install and it asks for your key, you simply enter your Windows 7 - 8.1 key and it will validate it and continue the install. I’ve done this literally hundreds of times. I can’t guarantee that this will always be the case but as of today it does work.
If you have a Windows 7 Pro Key you will get Windows 10 Pro
If you have a Windows 7 Home Key you will get Windows 10 Home and so on
Windows 8.1 Pro Key will give you Windows 10 Pro
Windows 8.1 Home Key will give you Windows 10 Home and so on.

I hope this information is helpful for those still holding out and I can’t guarantee that this will work forever so I would do it ASAP.


What I have been doing to get windows 10 is format a hard drive and install windows 10. When it asks for a serial key I enter a windows 7 key. And that’s it. It’s activates.


I finally got to listen to this on the podcast.

In your opening, you talked about Black Friday sales - and how some people order something online, but still go pick it up at the store. You wondered “why?”

I’ve done that many times, actually. If I can get an item ON Black Friday, but do so online and not have to fight the crowds, I will. Plus, I KNOW I can get it, instead of having to get there and hope I can get 1 of the few they have on hand…

But, sometimes shipping to your house is not free. That is 1 reason. But, even if there IS free shipping, I live in a condo (basically, an apartment I own)… Unless I get something shipped to my office, I take a chance of a package being left at the door and then stolen. Or, one of those little, yellow tags on my door - saying that I was not home. Then, I have to call the 800 # and try to get over to the shipping HUB.

That happens to me ALL the time. They never leave the package at the door - I get those “sorry you were not home” stickers 90% of the time… Then it is a major inconvenience to try and track it down, or get those sticky notes 3 days in a row…

So, it’s simpler to just go get the package at the store, and they do this for free usually.


James, this is good information, since like you I am a IT tech. I do not do that many Windows Installs since I try to convert people away from Windows and have done so successfully many times. When I do install Windows and support senior citizens to help them make the conversion to Windows 10, this is great information. I had heard that what you have stated is the case, but have not tested this.

THank you for the good info!


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Thanks for the clarification. My father’s laptop is still running Windows 7 and we are still on the fence on upgrading it to Windows 10 because of the situation.

A friendly reminder for those who are planning to root their Android phones after watching this episode:

  • There are phones that have the same name and looks, but have different parts and versions under the hood. To ensure compatibility when rooting and/or installing ROMs, download CPU-Z or any alternative to see the version of your phone, and compare it to the one that you are looking in XDA-Developers.

  • Make backups, and put in a safe place. You can use it to restore your phone in case something went wrong, or if you are not satisfied about the ROM that you installed and you want to go back to your original ROM.

  • When choosing ROMs in XDA-Developers or in other websites, always look for the ones that are stable, and is being maintained properly by the developer/s.

  • Expect some few quirks after installing a new ROM. It rarely happens even in Stable builds but it can easily be fixed with an update.

Rooting phones are not that scary as long as you know what you are doing, and have an image backup of your phone.


Well you can always upgrade it so it gets its digital license on the server and then downgrade it back to Windows 7 until you are ready. At least that way there will never be an issue with moving it to Windows 10. I know Windows 10 has a lot of draw backs but unfortunately it is the direction Windows is moving, and there are work arounds for a lot of common issues, some of the same issues that were in Windows 7 when it was released. At the very least you could pop a blank HDD in the PC and install it on that drive and then just swap the old drive back in after its been activated.