TTG 1630 for Saturday 29 Sept 2019

New show today! Details to follow…

New show today (Saturday 28 September 2019)

I’ll be pre-recording calls for next month’s vacation for an hour or so after the show (888-826-5536 from 2-3p Pacific).

UPDATE: Some excitement in the studio this morning. As you may know, we use an old school ISDN line to feed my audio (along with the callers) to Premiere in Sherman Oaks. This morning, JammerB came in to find both ISDN lines disconnected.

Yesterday we (coincidentally?) received a new Comrex BRIC-Link II rack mount unit designed to send our audio to SoCal over the public Internet. Premiere had warned us that they were switching to Comrex, they just neglected to tell us they were doing it today!

Fortunately John was able to get the BRIC up and running and we did the entire show via Comrex over IP without incident. The TWiT Eastside Studio “Superstar of the Month” award goes to John “JammerB” Slanina for heroism above and beyond the call of duty!

The Tech Guy 1630

Software as a service may be draining your bank account, iOS gesture changes, do I still need Anti-virus on Windows 10? The best 65" TV under $1000 with Scott Wilkinson,the best Wi-Fi routers for the home, getting started building a PC, travel tips with Johnny Jet, cleaning an old inkjet printer, keeping up with the new Amazon IoT devices with Dr. Mom and more of your calls!

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Hey, Leo! I need HELP! My new HP with Windows 10 did an automatic update and now keeps re-setting to factory settings every time I re-start it. How do I fix it?

Did you ever get it fixed? If so, what did you do to fix it?