Top-Tier Triangulation

With the show being canceled, now is a good time to put together a Greatest Hits list for all of the episodes that I think are worth revisiting. There are over 400 shows, so this list is going to evolve over time.

So, let’s get started!

Daniel Abraham

Bill Atkinson

John Perry Barlow

Jeff Brockman

Nolan Bushnell

Jessica Corbin

Dick DeBartolo

Cory Doctorow

Mike Elgan

Jeri Ellsworth

Adam Fisher

If you like this sort of thing, you should also listen to the Valley of Genius podcast.

Mary Jo Foley

Andy Ihnatko

Steve Gibson

Julian Guthrie

Bob Heil

Kashmir Hill

Celia Hodent

Brian Hofer

Jeff Jarvis

Michio Kaku

Ray Kurzweil

Leo Laporte

Alex Lindsay

Chris Marquardt

Roger McGuinn

Joseph Menn

Arthur Holland Michel

Walt Mossberg

Cathy O’Neil

Kate O’Neill

Jerry Pournelle

Mark Richards

Trey Ratcliff

Bruce Schneier

Jason Snell

Sal Soghoian

Warren Specter

Owen “OhDoctah” JJ Stone

Daniel Suarez

Amy Webb

Stephen Wolfram

Brianna Wu

Yan Zhu (bcrypt)

Phil Zimmerman

Shoshana Zuboff

I’ll add more as I continue to go through the archive. If there is an episode or set of them that should be on this curated list, post them below!

I’ll add contributions to the OP and credit whoever suggests them here. If you want to remove your suggestion post afterwards that’s cool, but not necessary.

Contributions: @MacPhyle @Clayton

Updated: 2020-01-13T05:00:00Z



As a relatively new TWiT watcher/listener, thank you for this!


Thanks for starting this thread. I’m going to bookmark this and revisit these interviews.


Glad to do it. I’m sure there are many that folks have forgotten. I’ll add some more later today!


I mentioned some show numbers that feature TWiT people (some of whom have already been included here) over in the “Bye Bye Triangulation” thread.

But this thread is better because of the embedded links to the shows.


I went through and added your list to the OP and credited you as a contributer. Thanks for the reminder!

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You’re doing a wonderful job with this. It’s much easier to find which shows are interesting from this thread rather than the very compressed layout of the show page listings.


I’m coming to the home stretch here. Still several more pages to go through, but I’m really happy with the list so far. Hope you guys enjoy going through these.