TNW 216: What Is Wordle?

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My first time ever playing is today because the TechNewsWeekly show is on as a repeat on the Live channel while I wait for MacBreak to start. Since @mikahsargent wanted people to share, here ya go. Also @JasonHowell I am STILL getting used to the facial hair :wink:

Wordle 206 3/6


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Nice work!! And truthfully, I’m still getting used to it too. But I keep not shaving it off so I think I’m enjoying the change. :slight_smile:


Careful… I did the same thing, like almost a decade ago. I kept it for November, and now, like ten years later, I am still bearded :wink: (Some say I look like Santa Clause because I have a full grey beard :smiley: )

Also, I just realized this is related to my score for the wordle… cause my first guess was [spoiler] beard :grin:

I had assumed that Wordle would have eliminated words with letter repeats. I was mistaken, and that left me unable to guess a word for today’s puzzle until I finally gave in and doubled a letter. So now I know.

Wordle 208 5/6


Ahh good to know. I assumed the same thing. I do believe there are no plurals.

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Okay, I was very lucky, but also probably have the correct approach:

Wordle 218 2/6


I’m not going to give away the word I use as my first guess because it really seems to work well for me :wink:

Wordle 227 2/6


In any case, it looks like the New York Times is now the future owner of Wordle:

Today’s wordle was a ridiculous roller coaster ride to me. (I don’t get out much, these days.)

Wordle 227 6/6


Here’s something much harder than Wordle but inspired by it.

I found out about it from this video about information theory/statistics and Wordle:

Wherein he concludes the best opening word is: CRANE

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Even though it’s basically luck, it still feels good somehow
Wordle 242 2/6


Also, apparently so far the Times hasn’t done too much but remove some words it considers objectionable:

And, in a comedy of coincidental timing, there is some mildly offensive wordplay one could get up to with today’s word. :wink:

And he admits he made a mistake:

I chose my opening word based on what I believed to be the English letter frequency, but after checking earlier tonight, I found it wasn’t ETR like I though. Never the less, I still have good luck.

Wordle 248 2/6


Recently came across a Wordle clone that allows you to choose the length of the word, up to 11 letters. Coming up with 11 letter words is not that easy, although I think a fair number of “ly” adverbs are probably among them, the first one that I can readily bring to mind is: redundantly

I’m not going to lie, I cheated a bit to get this one done… I stole the word list out of the app and used some regex magic :disappointed: