TNW 181: Deepfaking Your Geography

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@Leo what’s your opinion on that planned obsolescence story? I remember Louis Rossman had some issues with the repairability score.

The content blocking story was interesting but I’m not surprised. I don’t think my school used anything as sketchy if I remember correctly they just used the one Netgear provided. The thing that seemed better about that one is it had a field to dispute the reason the site was blocked.

Were they referring to this Times piece?

I’ve been saying this for a long time, but there’s zero incentive for companies to build a device that lasts. Frankly I doubt we’ll even do anything about the related and even more critical issue of pollution (aka the anodyne “Climate Change”).

Capitalism only provides incentive for continuous rapid growth, with a catastrophic collapse the inevitable end-game.

I’m trying not to despair, but I see little reason to hope.


I find it a shame that these companies no longer feel any pride in their products.

It used to be that you bought a product and it lasted a lifetime. When my parents married in the late 50s, my mother was given a Sunbeam mixer. She used it several times a week and it finally died around 2002. Over 50 years of reliable use.

She would recommend others buy Sunbeam, because it was good quality and reliable. These days, I can’t think of a brand I would suggest for reliability. Maybe Miele or Bosch; Leatherman still oder a lifetime guarantee, which is rare these days.

For something that is still being developed, I can understand that we change it every few years, but as products reach maturity, they only need to be replaced every 10 or 20 years. But there are few companies that care about their products or their customers.

I planned obsolescence is a thing, then Apple needs to up their game! Witness the iPhone 6 and 7…:joy::joy::joy:

I’m still using a Kitchenaid stand mixer I got as a wedding gift in 1981. I use it all the time. It’s Avocado green but otherwise still in fighting trim!


Exactly. We have been through 3 hand mixers in the last 15 years! And they were from supposedly good named bands.

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