The Photo Thread: Week of 2021-12-26

Stairs leading down to the beach, taken near sunset.

Old and new causeways linking Victor Harbor to Granite Island. The old wooden one is getting dismantled in February. The new steel and concrete one on the right replaces it.


I had the pleasure of visiting Horseshoe Bend the other day which was breathtaking. This shot was capture on the iPhone 12 Pro in ProRaw and edited in Lightroom.


Happy New Year, everyone!

As a send-off to 2021, I replaced my S10e with a S21 Ultra. Now, I will now probably have to sow bigger pockets to my pants - but I’ve come to think of the device as a capable pocket camera than can also do calls and surf the web, rather than a phone. The pictures come out quite well:

Panoramic shot near Spitzingsee, close to the Austrian-German border:

Moss on a tree as a macro experiment:

And, of course, some zoom-tastic-nes, shot free-hand (makes me wonder about privacy concerns, merely for illustrative purposes):


These are not a new photos. They was taken in 2007. I had lost all the high resolution raw originals and only had some low resolution JPEGs. Just used the super-resolution enhancement in Lightroom and they are very usable again. It’s not a miracle, but I can at least have them at usable sizes without losing quality.

Photos are of Murchison Falls in Uganda where the Nile is channeled through a very narrow gap.


There’s a product idea right there… get on it :smiley: Call it the Camocket (CAMera pOCKET) :wink:


“You need a Camocket for that Pockera!” :smiley: