The passing of Al Jaffee

Al Jaffee, the cartoonist of Mad Magazine, died at age 102. I’m sure Dick DeBartolo will be saddened by the passing of his long time collaborator and friend.

Colbert had a nice tribute to Al Jaffee on his show last night


Thanks for the note, I had not heard. Very sad.

He had a good innings, but still sad to be losing another talent.

I’ve heard of Mad Magazine, but never seen it - it was never a thing in England, when I was growing up, or here in Germany, from what I can tell.

Used to get it regularly, but then Wakefield was a strange place used to enjoy Spy vs Spy

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I remember playing the Spy vs Spy game on the C64 as a teen, it was pretty neat.


So did I, never knew it had a background.

A fun cos play from Spy vs. Spy - Wikipedia

where I also learned it’s a decade older than me
Launch date Mad magazine #60 (Jan. 1961)

Before it closed in 1972, the London department store Gamages issued a regular Christmas catalogue, and I remember it containing something Mad-related, although whether it was the magazines, or toys, or figures, I just can’t recall. Memory keeps suggesting some kind of comic tableau with insane US-style street signs leaning at crazy angles, but I can’t bring back enough detail to get a proper picture. So we had definitely heard of Mad in 60s London.

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