The Grommet: a geek's smorgasboard

Let me preface this by saying I’m not affiliated with them, but I have been an enthusiastic customer since roughly a year after their 2009 launch.

Debuted as The Daily Grommet featuring a daily product launch, The Grommet’s staff assiduously vet product ideas from far and wide, accepting a tiny fraction of submissions, yielding an impressive record of co-launches including FitBit. I think of a “grommet” as a less “geeky” word for “widget”: something that solves a practical problem in an innovative way. They do stray into painfully wasteful, 1st-world absurdity as well, but at their best I consider them an extension of an engineer/geek/tinkerer/DIY-er’s mindset beyond tech per se.

Products I personally have owned and loved include KeySmart, a Swiss army knife style key-“chain”; Cleverhood bicycling rain-cape hoodie; and iSi Flex-It platinum silicone measuring cups. If I had any appreciable amount of disposable income, I’d have snapped up many more (it’s a great place to turn up gift ideas, too).

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