The challenges of street photography

Interesting read on something that is bound to happen more and more.


That hurts to read. People need to get over themselves. She forgot one of the internet’s unwritten rules - “[community] is not your personal army.”

I was actually vacationing at a beach last week and had this kind of scenario in the back of my mind while I was taking some shots.

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so many perspectives can be viewed on this matter.

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Did she understand the irony of her filming him? Did he insist that she delete her TikTok video?


Over here (Germany and Europe in general), it is illegal to photograph people in public and upload the images to the Internet or publish them, without getting a written waiver from the subject(s).

If they happen to be in the background, they don’t have a say in the matter - you are photographing a public garden landscape and they stroll across the frame, no problems. If they are front-and-centre, you can’t take a photo of them - you take a picture of a fountain and they are standing in front of the fountain, in the foreground of the image.

You can use the images privately, but you can’t upload them to a website or social media or publish them in a magazine etc. But if they ask for them to delete the images, you should oblige.

I know that in the UK, the police also have the authority to detain the photographer and confiscate equipment and/or images, if you photograph “sensitive” subjects - buildings belonging to big businesses, for example (possible terrorist targets).

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How do they define “front and center” specifically? Are they looking at the focal point of the image? The composition? Very curious how this is defined in the law.

side note - completely unrelated question, asking because I know you’re in Germany. Is the majority of beer served in Germany served warm like in England, or cold?

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Sorry, I had read your reply when I was out and about and wanted to reply when I got back home, then I forgot…

The beer: mostly cold. If it is a big party and the beer can’t be cooled quick enough and it is cool outside, we’ll drink it at outside temperatures (<15°C), but generally refrigerator cold.

Wheat beer is usually served with a grain of rice in the bottom of the glass, it stops it frothing up too much. It makes it easier for busy bartenders to pour.

As to the photos and subjects, that is difficult to describe. But if they are in the foreground of the image, you are on the safe side if you don’t upload it, share it or publish it. If they happen to be strolling across the background of the image, you are generally fine - unless they notice and specifically tell you not to use the image. Basically, if they are background noise, it is generally okay. If they are front-and-centre, not okay. Somewhere in between is a grey area and you should seek permission to use the image.

At parties, my wife actually says, that people don’t have her permission to upload pictures of her to social media, for example. So, even if she is recognisable in the background, which would normally be okay, you couldn’t upload the image.

Example: You are taking wide shot of a church and somebody comes out the door as you take the photo, it is a wide image and they are an “insignificant part” of the overall image. That is allowed.

You are taking a close-up of the church door and they come out, they are a major component of that image, not okay.

Essentially, you have to use your good judgement, if you can recognise the person in the image, don’t use it or ask permission, if they are “lost in the crowd” or so small that they are not recognisable, you are okay.