Tech helps during bushfires

Leo mentioned Australia fires during first call on Tech Guy show 1659. Here are some photos from our point of view.

Air quality has been over the top since just before Christmas, with 2 days of clarity (you can see one of them in photo of hill day after fire, 11 Jan).

Using Dyson Cool Tower air purifiers to make inside of house bearable. Great tech. Controlled and monitored from anywhere by phone. Provides closest AQI measurement outside our house, but I don’t know where they get the data. As example, Australian Environmental Protection Agency measurement for nearest town (5km) was 150. Dyson showed 750. Took the air purifier outside, and it showed 740. (photo with street sign taken at that time. There is a hill less than 1 km away in that photo).

Had some initial teething problems with units, and Dyson does not provide any technical support contact number, so got on Twitter (I only use Twitter for emergencies), and low and behold, they responded.


Are you getting the rainfall in Victoria at the moment? I’m in Adelaide; a cool start to the day, but no rain at the moment.

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We have had at least 10 DROPS of rain in last week.

Have to be BIG drops to affect the fires…

Mosf of our smoke comes from NSW. Can’t understand why they allow it to cross the border.

Being a Boomer, I classify this as “Nuclear Winter”, but in the summer.

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That first photo is pretty incredible! Hope you’re able to stay safe.


My first post to TWiT’s new community.
Great hearing about your experiences and I’m using 3 x Xiaomi Air Purifier 2’s to keep us healthy indoors.
Had a reading of 280+ (PM2.5 micrograms per metre cubed) indoors with windows closed, smoke still getting blown in through the cracks around doors, so now spending the weekend draught-proofing!
This snap is taken on my morning walk a couple of days ago, just south of Melbourne (Hampton, Bayside).
The sun’s struggling to get up over the smoke haze and up through the clouds.
Good luck to us all, I hear we’re in for a horrendous weekend as the winds switch and blow the smoke from fires near Mallacoota back on us.
Then again, I’ll quit complaining as that’s the least we have to worry about.


When I got the first purifier, reading was over 200. It took over 60 hours running at top speed to get down below 50. The sound of the fan running became oppressive after 48 hours.
I moved my vehicles out of garage to avoid opening big door, as we have an access door into kitchen, so we now have a semi-airlock entry way.
Also have evaporative cooling, which drags in smoke from outside even with the wet filters. Shut it off, and closed all registers.
Dyson provides a really good app with historical data on air purity. I can see AQI in house go up when outside gets really bad.
We had a respite yesterday, actually saw the sky. Back above 200 today.
Best of luck with your situation. Hang in there.


That comment struck me: “actually saw the sky.”
It drives home how oppressing it’s been when what we take for granted is lost and the joy when it returns!

My heart goes out to all you Aussies! It just breaks my heart to see all the loss of homes, animals vegetation and lives! Hang in there and may rain soon quickly come your way! Wish I could do more than just contribute money but I have and will again! :heart::heart::heart:

From Colorado, USA

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