T-Mobile & ATT Requiring VoLTE Soon

Not sure how I missed this over the summer, but apparently T-Mobile and AT&T are going to require devices to support VoLTE pretty soon. That’s pretty crummy. Both my parents use featurephones which will need to be replaced, and my disaster phone won’t work either. Are there even any non-smartphones that will work after this change? Not everyone needs, wants or should have iOS/Android!

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Good info to pass on here. Thanks

yeah this sucks. So i bought a rootable Android phone , rooted it and stripped out all of google and google services. My battery life is three times as good now. It’s astonishing how much telemetry google collects on everyone.

I’m not sure. On my Android the setting is specifically called VoLTE:

However I wouldn’t be surprised to find some carriers messing with the wording of the setting. Might want to double check that your chipset supports VoLTE though.

Voice over LTE works well for me. I’m pretty sure that all the legacy 3g cell towers on Att and T-mobile are going bye bye

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So now instead of dropping down to 2G & 3G when out and about in the less populated areas of SE New England, I’ll end up with no service at all. How retro, it will be like back when I first bought a cell phone, I’ll only be able to count on service when I’m near a highway.

Of course the main motivation is to eliminate what became universal over the last few years, unlimited talk and text. Now it will all use data so if you want unlimited talk and text you’ll need a more expensive unlimited data plan. (SMS is already being dumped for RCS which uses data).

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How reVoLTEing of the carriers to choose to build something new that as less reliable that the old thing. I assume it’s because almost no one makes phone calls on their phones anymore. We really need to rename them from Smart Phones to Smart Communicators. Ten years ago I worked with a 25yo fresh out of university, and we were making plans to get together after work for a special occasion, and I told him to call me, and he looked at me like I had six heads–he literally didn’t know how to make a phone call.

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