Does a smartwatch need LTE?

I currently have a Huawei Watch 2 (Wear OS) that I bought 2.5 years ago. Unfortunately, its starting to show its age. It doesn’t fit well on the charger, and the heart rate sensor no longer works (which means it doesn’t know when its on my arm, causing the need to constantly enter my pin).

I’m looking for a new Wear OS device. (No iPhone so an Apple Watch is out of the question)
So far I’m looking at Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro 3 and the Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro 4G/LTE

The Pro 3 is newer, and has more features that might or might not be beneficial. But the 4G being older is a little cheaper, and also more available. But, is the 4G worth it? Unfortunately, there is no 3 Pro LTE model available in the US. Am I going to regret not having the 4g? My current watch doesn’t have it, so I don’t know if I’m missing anything.


Not a smart watch user, so my opinion may not count for much. The question will be what could the phone do for you if you were willing to pay the extra (say $10) per month to give it a connection to its own data link. If you don’t have that connection, your watch is either self-contained, or relying on another device (your phone presumably) or relying on WiFi and only offering data features while you’re within range of your home (and maybe work) WiFi network. (I don’t honestly know if smart watches do WiFi, but I just assume they’re like super mini smart phones and so must.) So in the end, do you have a use case that needs “always on data”? Are you likely to make/take a call with your watch or send an SMS message via it? Does the watch have safety features that would allow it to call for help if you became incapacitated?

EDIT: Had phone on the brain apparently… have now changed to watch which was surprisingly what I was picturing as I wrote, while typing phone every dang time :expressionless:

The extra money for the cell service isn’t an issue. I’m just trying to decide if its worth getting an older watch with the ability or a newer one…

I think that is a personal preference as I would go with one without LTE if it was newer as it is probably going to have a longer half life and be more compatible with apps and upgrades.
Someone who runs a lot and doesn’t want to have their phone on them or someone who is away from their phone a lot is probably going to go for the LTE model but I don’t think many would sacrifice newer features for an older device just for LTE.

I use my Apple Watch constantly, with LTE, to take calls, make calls, answer texts etc! I wear one AirPod connected to the Apple Watch for calls and it works great - if I don’t happen to have an AirPod in, the speaker and mic in the watch are surprisingly good. Bottom line, LTE has become very useful to me

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I was in line at the bank (before covid) while the sweet young thing in front of me was showing the teller her brand new watch. She proudly exclaimed “and you don’t even have to buy batteries… you just wind it every day”

With a Pro Max on the way I’m starting to think my next Apple Watch might be an LTE model so I can do exactly what you’re describing and not have to always lug around the larger phone.


I can see pros and cons. The biggest point I have is that it would require me getting an older device versus one that has newer tech in it.

If only Apple didn’t tie their devices to needing an iPhone.

I have an Apple Watch Series 4 with LTE. Is it necessary to have LTE? I’d say no as i have my phone with me most of the time and the two are always connected. For the times I am out of range of the phone it sure has been handy to still receive notifications, but is definitely not a necessity.

I don’t have LTE so I would say No it’s not worth it since I am rarely more than Bluetooth distance away from my phone.
Very occasionally I’ll go out on my bike without my
phone and track the exercise on my watch, but Interesting to hear some of the comments from people that actually use LTE on their watch.

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It doesn’t cost much to add a watch onto a plan with number share. In Australia I am with Optus and it is just an extra A$5 on my plan

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