Synchronised media for remote shared viewing

Netfilix have a feature which allows you to watch films with friends and family no matter how far away they are.
What if you want to watch or listen to media from other sites, including your own ?

This is where the open source project sync/cytube comes to the rescue.
You can self host and modify to your hearts content, or use the public version.
The public version lets you create 5 rooms, so 5 playlists.
They can be passworded and have multiple admin assigned.
The integrated chat is our favourite, good old IRC.


This is great! I have, many times in the past, wished this was built into Plex.

One issue to bare in mind is the various country restrictions in youtube.
If you add YT links with geo-blocks it will tell you which countries it will not play in.
Knowing this at least means you can advise people in the chatroom to use a VPN based in a specific country that is not blocked.

I currently have 2 rooms. One for music (mainly full concerts), and one to mess with your eyes and brain (google deep dream vids and trippy animations)

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