Sync isn't available right now edge

So, I have purchased office 365, and I sign in using that email address on edge. One day I signed into a new Mac that I got, and I’m not able to sync. I clicked on the provided link, and it looks like you have to have an enterprise license for sync features to work. Can anyone confirm this??

I use none enterprise sync all the time and have no issues

So, I thought the same thing, so I logged into one of my machines that I had previously set up before I got the new Mac. I signed out tried signing back in, and I got the same results (sync isn’t available right now, Edge).

Strange, I disconnected from my work account and my personal account and they reconnected without any issue. Not sure what to tell you other than maybe do some googling or go to a Microsoft forum and ask some questions, maybe someone with a little more insight can help.

This is an older issue but one that is documented in Edge. You cannot use an Azure Active Directory (AAD) account on Edge for certain features without Azure Information Protection (AIP) or AAD Enterprise State Roaming (ESR) enabled on your account or O365 plan.

Sounds like you need an enhancement request for this functionality to work. You can use the Feedback Hub option in Edge to suggest feature changes or enhancements.

Thank you for the article this helps a lot.