Suggestion wrt Megaphone ads

@Leo just watching live as you do TWIG and you’re discussing the Megaphone ad insertions.

I have a suggestion: See if Megaphone is capable of adding a special announcement (to be read by you) into the start (along with the “is brought to you by” segments) where you say “this podcast contains 3rd party ads brought to you by Megaphone” if and only if they also do an actual ad insertion.

This would allow the ads to be less startling as well as give Megaphone a little plug… everyone would “win” (given that you have to have the 3rd party ads.)

Unfortunately, that’s not something they’re able to do at this time.

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Well second best would be to always edit the version you send to them to include “this podcast MAY contain 3rd party ads [brought to you by Megaphone].”

Not sure what the big issue is. An ad is an ad. Whether read by the host or a third party. Yes, its something new and different for TWIT, but if adding ads by Megaphone to the podcast in places where there would have been a TWIT ad, but there wasn’t one available, allows the show to keep going, what’s the difference.


Sho nuff. I agree, :slight_smile:

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