Suggested guest: Developers of Tinnitus treatment - Lenire

Hi @Leo

We were speaking yesterday about Tinnitus. There is a company who has technology that seems to be getting positive results for treating tinnitus and has clinical trials to prove it. It is called Lenire:

Tinnitus Talk also did a podcast with one of the developers:

I have a contact with them if you are interested in discussing this technology on your program.




Living with this can be horrible. I do not have it now. But, back in 2010 or so, I was suffering from all sorts of side effects from Lunesta. This was one of the side effects I had. Thankfully, it all stopped after 3 months. The ringing in my ears was the last thing to go away.

But damn, I could hardly get to sleep some nights because it was so damn loud. I can’t imagine living with that for years


Fortunately, I got used to it but the first 3-6 months were tough. Others have it way worse and the sad thing is that there is just not enough attention to the ailment since it isn’t “physical” threat but boy is it a mental torture for so many people. I believe some have even committed suicide because of it.


As someone that lives with Tinnitus, it would be awesome to tune into that episode and hear all about what they’re working on (provided that’d be the topic, would tune in regardless).

Living with it has some subtle frustrations you forget about until night time. Got to the point where I have to have one of those loud fans on at night in order to sleep.


We didn’t do an episode on it - it was a side conversation.

I’ve had tinnitus my entire adult life - a side effect of being a DJ and loving loud rock music. You get used to it. Although it’s getting louder with age. I’d say it’s about 50db now.

I’ve yet to see a treatment that lasts. I think it’s due to nerve damage and it would be pretty hard to reverse that.

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@Leo While you are right that nerve damage might not be repairable, I think a treatment to stop the tinnitus signal is possible. That would not necessarily deal with repairing the nerve. It’s reprogramming the brain. The podcast I mention explains this better.

Hopefully, you will consider having them come in and explain their treatment as a guest someday.


I am going to have to check this out. I have been living with tinnitus for the past few years due to a tumor in my ear. The good news is that zapping the tumor with radiation worked well and stopped it’s growth. The bad news is it made the tinnitus much worse.

So far the best thing I have done is get a white noise machine for the bedroom. It doesn’t stop the tinnitus but it does make it easier to tune it out while trying to sleep.

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You might want to also chuck out the Tinnitus Talk forums…

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I’ve had it as far back as I can remember and mostly manage to ignore it.
As a child before I knew it was in my head I would spend ages looking for whatever piece of electronic kit was whistling.

It progressed into 3 tones. When at its worst I hear a high, a low and an oscillating tone all at the same time.
If I also have a headache at the same time it is flaring-up, it makes me so physically ill that I vomit.
That really is a roll of the dice, and thankfully doesn’t happen often.

I seem to remember Leo talking about how the FDA is relaxing regulations on hearing aids so that they don’t have to undergo expensive medical device certification. I’m hoping a tech company will come up with air pod like hearing aids that help compensate for tinnitus. Something that you can actually afford. I’ve had tinnitus for almost 20 years. I try to pretend it’s crickets on a nice warm summer evening. High pitched crickets.

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Yeah, unfortunately this is not available in the US. Probably not FDA approved. I’d be very hesitant to recommend what is undoubtedly a very expensive process of dubious merit.

If you know someone who has used it let me know.

That’s exactly what it sounds like! I try to describe it to my co-workers, and said it sounded like a summer night in Mississippi. :blush: I have to have a fan going to sleep (or at least an open window), and also use a small desk fan at work. I’ve noticed diet, ie too much sodium, makes it intensify.

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