Anyone else have problems sleeping?

Anyone else here deal with insomnia?

It is something I have dealt with for 20 years now. Quite the pain…

I am tired of always having to take something to help me sleep. This seems interesting… But the $500 price tag is a bit of a turn off, for sure…

Anyone else have something they use BESIDES just taking medicine?


Have you looked at Steve Gibson’s sleep formula?

Still chemical, but natural ingredients and not a real pharmaceutical and you make it yourself, so you can self-dose. Leo uses it when he travels - ISTR he mentioned it on his cruise thread.

I sometimes have problems sleeping, but I’m a light sleeper and using ear-plugs usually helps me sleep soundly.

A good mattress is also important. We have a twin-chamber water bed. I’ve slept much better since getting that.

Edit: Forgot the link to Steve’s formula:


I occasionally do. It’s usually because I’ve got too much on my mind. I’ve never turned to meds for assistance, except when I’m ill I’ll use Nyquil.

Some things that work for me:

  • Turn on a really dry documentary that I’ve seen before, set the sleep timer for 60 minutes and turn the volume to the lowest setting. The volume forces me to concentrate to make out what’s being said so my mind doesn’t wander. I’ve found WWII documentaries work best. Charlton Heston narrates some of them, the guy’s voice is like aural Nyquil.
  • Make sure I get a good workout in at some point during the day that at least offsets my food intake. Need to get that energy out.
  • Fresh bedsheets can help, but there’s a real good chance I’ll oversleep from that in the AM
  • An empty bed… if I’ve got something big happening the next day I’ll try to sleep alone. Not everyone has the luxury though.

Second the documentary and sleep timer. It works wonders if your brain just won’t shut off. It must be interesting enough to focus your attention, but not so interesting to keep you awake. Something you’ve seen before, or a topic you already know so well you’re not afraid of missing out on the info.


Thanks. I will check that out!

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Is it a soft-sided waterbed that uses standard sheets including a fitted bottom sheet?

I bought one 33 years ago and look forward to getting under the covers every night. About the only time I need sleeping pills is when I’m traveling.

It has a soft-foam surround for the water chambers and uses standard sheets. I love that it is always warm.

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Even with a/c mine is always just the right temperature as well. Sleep well my new water friend.

I’ve never dealt with insomnia but I’ve had issues. Steves formula is ok but it is a bit of a pain and some of the pills are enormous which I just can’t deal with.

This might sound a bit hippy but try meditation and a “diary” for lack of a better term haha.
For meditation something like headspace just to learn the basics. The best explanation I’ve heard is from Sam Harris who said meditation is training for your brain to learn to be calm. It’s important because if you don’t train it you can end up living your life a hostage to the thoughts which constantly run through your mind.
The second thing is just pick up a notebook and a pen. You don’t have to have anything to write just start, “Today I feel… I think it’s because…”. You might be surprised how much comes out. When I get too caught up in life that I can’t sleep or relax I find even one or two nights of doing that I feel way calmer.


I don’t have trouble turning my brain off. I just can’t get “sleepy” without taking benedryl every night.

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Since I have had my own business for 40 years, my brain often has problems shutting down. The only thing I have found that works for me are old time radio shows. There’s an app called OTR player that is free and lets you choose genres and shows if you want to test it. The nice thing is that I just listen, it takes my mind off work, and I never worry about hearing the end of the episode since I just start it again the next day at the last point I remember. It works well even if I wake up in the middle of the night and the brain starts churning. I turn it on and I’m usually back asleep in five minutes.

My daughter uses the melatonin tablets but I never need them.

I have an old iphone that I don’t use. I have an app that plays the sound of rain falling. I play it every night when I go to sleep. It helps a little. It is on a 90 min timer. I restart it if I wake up at night usually. But, I still have to take something to get that “sleepy” feeling so I can get to sleep at all.

Yes, I did for years. Anxiety about sleeping, or not, as it were, was a killer for me. I tried all sorts of meds but nothing provided reliable, good quality sleep. Finally I stopped everything, including any alcohol, increased daily activity, and developed my woodworking hobby. Sanding can be very cathartic. No issues for several years now.

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