Such an neutral-ish shade of...... light brown?

This is new for me. Heard of these, but never one in person.
Was found at a local, Halifax, NS Value Village. Well, local relitivley. I’m 2.5 hrs down the coast to the Yarmouth area.
Either way, hope it’s fun to learn about…and type on.

Figured it would be cool to see. Power seems to work, so that’s a good sign.

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Two better shots

I learned touch typing in high school on an IBM Selectric. In their day they were very robust and dependable devices. You could replace the font by replacing the ball.

A classic. And probably worth more than it should be.

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I’m hoping to learn a lot about it. Someday I will get to that project. Still too many on the go now.

I started typing on one of those in 1978 and my mother’s office.

I then went back to a manual Imperial in the mid 80s for my Pitmans’ exam (65-70wpm, I seem to remember).

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I’m probably dating myself, but I had to buy a typewriter to fill in my college applications. Was better than the chicken scratch that was my handwriting. Didn’t get anything as fancy as the IBM Selectric, but it did have an erase feature built in.

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For Christmas as a young teen I was given a gently used typewriter. Fully manual, with no eraser feature. It did come with a nice carrying case. (This is not mine, I don’t still have it, but something I borrowed from ebay.)

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I remember seeing one of those in my father’s office way back in the day… Must have been late 1970s/early 1980s. It was before anyone had a computer on their desk. I forget if Dad had a typewriter on his desk or not. He did have one at home.

The office moved to computers sometime after the Macintosh II came out. Late 80s. I recall his secretary had one of those and Dad had a Mac SE which he would occasionally bring home in a big carrying case…and I’d get to play on it!


Wish I could remember when and where I first saw the Selectric, probably the early 1970s in the research establishment where I had my first job after college. I spent more than a few minutes marveling at the speed at which the golf ball spun around to select the typed character.

I wrote my first program in 1967 on an IBM remote terminal that was essentially a selectric connected to a 360 mainframe timesharing system. My high school was in Westchester County NY and part of an IBM pilot program. Dartmouth BASIC.

Yeah we had a similar setup in a closet in my middle school in 1968. I never even tried it. Wish I had - I might be a tech bro by now.