Successfully installed Chrome OS on my surface pro 3

Using chromefy I managed to install Chrome OS (not chromium) to my ageing surface pro 3 .I do have a surface pro 6 and surface go so this machine was just a spare. Everything works ok except the microphone so far . Android apps work. Not sure about Linux yet .

Am not going to share links as I am unsure of the legality as I said it’s Chrome OS not chromium.


Very interesting. So, you have the play store working on there too?

Yes the playstore is working. That’s Spotify on the screen installed via the playstore

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Very interesting. Cool. Good job.

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Interesting. I’ll try to put it on my laptop and see what happens.
Is rooting possible? Also, are there any hiccups that you encountered aside from the microphone?

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You would best read the XDA posts different builds work with different machines . I had to use a Linux live usb for the install . There’s also a Reddit for it as well which was helpful

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Confirmed Linux works only problem I have is the surface pro 3 touchpad is bad on chrome.os or maybe am just used to the improved ones on my pro 6 and go