In Praise of Powerwash

My 4 year old Samsung XE510C started going flaky. The screen was jumping all over the place. Located the power wash button, and it was just like playing a video game trying to hit the button while it was jumping all over the place. Nailed it but now I have a brand new Chromebook. All the cloud stuff got me up and going in just a few minutes.


That sounds wonderful. However having used Chromebook in a work setting. (Too manage social media) I quickly got to where I’m not a fan of Chromebooks. We used both a Lenovo and a Samsung chromebook in the 3.5 years I worked in that role and while neither where entry level, there always seemed to an issue with it.

I need to do that to mine too. It’s about 3 years old now and my Crostini has un-crossed itself :smiley: