Storj Node Operators?

Anybody else here running a Storj node? I’ve got 2 TB of disk set aside for their network. I participated in their alpha program a while back, earned a bit of ETH which I forgot about once the alpha wrapped up. Happened upon the details for the wallet I used a few days ago, low and behold it’s worth a few sandwiches now! ETH transfer fees are laughable at the moment though.

If you’re not familiar, Storj is a distributed data storage project which anyone can participate in. Think Wasabi or Amazon S3, except the backing storage hardware is in peoples’ basements scattered across the world rather than datacenters. The more data you handle, the more ETH you earn.

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I hadn’t heard of this before. Looks interesting, I will maybe give it a go.

Make sure to factor in the cost of the electricity 24/7, the bandwidth utilization from any cap, the cost of the gear and the wear and tear on it. By my back of the napkin math, the payment would have to equate at least $5US/mo to be worth the hassle.

Take a look at Syncthing.


I didn’t think of it as a money maker, I’ve got machines on 24/7 with no data cap and spare storage, it was more of a lockdown tinkering exercise for me.

Syncthing has been on my tinker list for a while so neither might happen :joy:

Love syncthing, I use it to sync config files between servers.

You need th ‘c’ in there Leo.
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