Starry Internet Service

Starry Internet has announced it is comming to my town (Columbus Ohio) this summer. What do you think?Starry Internet in Columbus | Get Early Access

I have seen people talking about it on the forum at as an alternative to cable, but it is not in the Chicago area so have not paid close attention to it.

They’re a WISP, so you will have to be okay with installing an antenna on your house. Starry: Building Next Gen Wireless Internet Technology

The receiving antenna looks doable. If and when they have a sending antenna for my address.

If you decide to subscribe please post your experience! Would be curious to hear about it.

I have listed my interest on their web site. As of now my address does not show up for expected coverage. Our water tower is about the only thing high enough. It is already host to a number of antennas. There are cell towers, but I don’t know how they feel about a competitor.

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