Stable Diffusion Holiday Cards from TWiT

I was hoping to use Stable Diffusion to generate an AI holiday card to send out to friends and clients. Here’s what we have so far.

What do you think?


I like young Zucker on the right :wink:

Or maybe you prefer the cubists?

Or Rembrandt?


Yes, I do like that one. The “unnatural” faces seem to make more sense in that one.

Can you sneak a TWiT Logo or the gear in there?


The cubist one is the only one that looks halfway “normal”, the other two look unnatural and scary.

@Leo are you using DiffusionBee on the Mac to run Stable Diffusion jobs?

No. Using the Automatic1111 SD version on my Ryzen 5900/GTX 3080 Linux box.

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