Sponsor? - Network Security and Inventory Managment (heard in 2021)

Hi everyone … I hope someone can help me with the name of a recent TWiT sponsor, I can’t find any reference to that sponsor. :slightly_frowning_face:

While listening to a TWiT show in January 2021 Leo advertised a new sponsor that does integration of network security, inventory management, and (I think) patch management. Of course I was not in a place I could take a note at the time. Now I cannot find any reference to that sponsor on the TWiT site or recent show listings (the sponsor links apparently drop off after a couple of weeks on the TWiT website).

The type of network application that was advertised could be of great assistance in a project I am doing.

The sponsor reference was probably on one of these shows:

  • TWiT
  • Windows Weekly
  • MacBreak Weekly
  • This Week In Google
  • Security Now

It is not one of these sponsors …

  • Smartdeploy (unless I misheard the ad)
  • Thinkst Canary
  • Forward Networks (though I am interested in this one too)


Perhaps you’re thinking of: extrahop.com/SECURITYNOW ?

Found here:

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I guess you could just listen to the show intros until you find it.

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I wonder if it could have been 0patch (pronounced “zero patch”)?

They manage patches for Microsoft software, including creating patches that incorporate updates for systems not generally supported that you can normally only get from MS if you’re an Enterprise customer on a special subscription. Pretty sure they’ve been mentioned a few times on Security Now, although I don’t know whether they’ve ever been a sponsor.

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We have a number of sponsors in that area but if it was this month I bet it’s Axonius.


Thank you so much to all who responded to my question, I very much appreciate it!

The sponsor I was looking for was “ExtraHop”. However, the other sponsors suggested look like good fits too! I will point the appropriate people at all of those solutions.

This is a great and supportive community. Thank you again.

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Leo … Thank you for the personal reply!!

It is fantastic that you took the time to respond to an individual listener; I am impressed.

As I said in my response to all who replied, the TWiT Army is a great community!


Of course. Thanks for listening!

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Hey Leo, I wonder if you’d be able to explain why the sponsor page at “https://twit.tv/sponsors” has been removed. It was really useful for this type of scenario. I used to reference it all the time. I would appreciate any feedback thanks.

I’m not sure. It’s not my department. I do know some sponsors worry about offer codes making it out onto coupon sites. They want to use them to measure the effectiveness of the campaign. Might have something to do with that.

UPDATE: The sponsor page has been restored. List of Active TWiT Sponsors & Advertisers | TWiT

I saw that. It is a handy webpage. Thank you for bringing it back. :smiley: