SpaceX Launch Wednesday

Anyone one else excited enough to be planning to watch Wednesday’s 20:33gmt SpaceX Launch :rocket: of 2 astronauts?
Memories of the 60’s watching launches and recoveries on tiny black and white tv. And of seeing live launches of different rockets at night while at Patrick AFB, and the shuttle from Cocoa Beach.

Best of luck to Bob and Doug.


I can’t wait. I was big in the shuttle launches as a teen. It is nice to see the USA back in business in space

Yeah. Launch is 6am Thursday for me. Will get up early and watch the stream EverydayAstronaut (Tim Dodd)'s YouTube channel.

I really hope for this to work out. And I also wish my generation would witness an event as big as what the lunar landing was for my parents at some point.

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OMG TWIG and Launch on at the same time. Of course either can be seen on replay. Guess I’ll have to flip a coin!

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Mars landing on TWiT Live Events :slight_smile: That would be awesome.

Great to see a launch from home once again! I’m watching the coverage all day on NASA’s channel.

And launch scrubbed. Next window will be Saturday.

As I said, memories of days long ago. Launch scrubs due to weather were not unusual. I’m sure there are some on this community who actually sat at consoles during countdowns and scrubs.
Another chance on Saturday.

I’ve watched every US space launch starting with Alan Shepard - I was online for today’s launch until it was scrubbed!!:worried:

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The launch was exciting to watch, but after 60+ years of watching manned launches, I found the recovery of the Falcon 9 launch vehicle much more exciting. It really is hard to comprehend landing a huge rocket on a tiny barge out on the ocean.


I agree, the recovery of the first stage is pretty impressive. I did watch the progress of the Crew Dragon (christened Endeavor) a fair bit yesterday though, and watched the automated docking and the prep in the ISS for the opening of the hatch.

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