Soon you could store a digital driver's license on your phone

I think this is pretty cool. With everything computerized, I thought it was kind of annoying that we even have to have our license on us. I understand the logistics of why - and that you sometimes need it for other reasons besides a police stopping you. But, it is rather inconvenient…

I always wondered for years why some other alternative couldn’t be done. So, this would be cool. BUt, it’s STILL something ya gotta carry with ya :slight_smile:

What do ya’ll think?

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Could be useful. Some day it’ll be embedded on a chip in the brain - even more convenient. :wink: But yeah, it would be great to one day leave the wallet at home.

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With any luck this will be implemented and as a result, no more trips to the DMV :slight_smile:


When I was a teen, before I had credit cards - I used to leave my license in the car - otherwise I would leave and forget it at home. But, if the police can run your name and see you that you have a DL, I always wished there was another way than always having the actual, physical license on you.

In the state I grew up in, you would get a ticket for not having the actual, physical license. Here in TX though - as long as they can verify it in the computer, you usually do not get cited for that from the police. But, I still do not do it. I always keep it with me.

A chip in your arm or brain would be cool, as you suggest. But then they’d be tracking you everywhere :smiley:

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Does anyone else have their drivers license ID memorized? My friend recited his to a cop once, impressed the cop enough to get off with a warning!

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Mine is easy, so it didn’t take long to memorize it.

I have mine memorized because I have to write it down on the form every time I go to the shooting range. So yes, I know mine