AAA 607: The Blue Moustache

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Google Wallet to store driver license so the police officer can conveniently view it. WAIT… I am going to hand over an unlocked phone for him to browse through? “Well Mr Howell I see here you left your house at 09:37. That means you drove here at 97 mph!” HELLO Jail time.

Haven’t listened yet, but normally wallets are accessible from the lock screen. The phone remains locked. That’s how I have Samsung Wallet configured.

But yeah, I’d rather handover a licence than give the police my phone.

In about 2005 while driving a commercial vehicle in Ontario, I was stopped at one of their inspection stations. The agent asked me for my cell phone. It was a “flip” feature phone of the day. He took it into another room still visible to me through a doorway. He spent about 5 minutes going through it. He didn’t find anything incriminating and returned it to me.

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Presumably looking for evidence of you using the phone while driving, which is a crime here in Ontario (and many other places too, I suspect)? And/or evidence that your logs weren’t valid. One presumes, even with a modern, locked, phone they could request access for that purpose… I presume you could fight co-operation but that wouldn’t result in a “trouble free” experience then, or in the future…? Law enforcement sometimes takes their jobs too seriously I think.

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Using OneDrive for photo storage is often overlooked. It does have some basic features. Has an editor with the basics (crop, filters, adjustments), surfaces pics like ‘this time last year’.

It’s also the storage back-end for Samsung’s Gallery app. Part of the Samsung/Microsoft arrangement.