Someone offered me help, but I can't find the help (fail)

Someone here or on Twitter mentioned a nice note-taking app on iPad (with the pencil) that supposed to be quite nifty and keeps the notes as your handwriting. I’m not the biggest iOS guy as I’ve only had an iPad for about 3 months, so I have no idea. Anyway, what’s your suggestion? Thanks for the help.

Apple’s Notes just Sherlocked one of Notability’s claims to fame: side-by-side notes. But Notability also has audio-record/playback for class note-taking.

Apparently, MyScript is the only one who wrote their own recognition engine to put into their app Nebo; the others license that engine, including Notability and Good Notes, plus Nebo is cross-platform.

I’m not a heavy or advanced note-taker so Notes is all I bother with, but I do follow options out there out of geeky curiosity. Notes in iPad OS now has much better Pencil support, though I haven’t tested since I don’t have a Pencil (though definitely would like to try).

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I used noteability for the first two years of college before I made the switch to Windows/OneNote. It is pretty great, the Apple Pencil makes for a fantastic experience.

I still like OneNote better although obviously not for the iPad.

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It is available for the iPad. I have it installed on my iPad, although I haven’t actually used it there.

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