SN 966: Morris The Second

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Quite interested to see what LexisNexis has on me regarding my driving record. I noticed a huge increase on my insurance when my term ended last year. I chalked it up to inflation, but now I’m thinking LexisNexis has been getting data through my connected vehicle which I purchased in 2021.

I’m a very safe driver, never been pulled over or had an accident, but I do enjoy “spirited” driving when appropriate. I’d be pretty mad if my insurance quotes jumped because Polestar started spying on me with consent buried in the fineprint.

Link for those interested - Order Your Report Online - LexisNexis Risk Solutions Consumer Disclosure

The next couple SN episodes should be interesting, with news tonight about a backdoor inserted into the xz archiving software that apparently carried a payload that change the ssh login (credential checking) mechanism.

Details are limited right now but will be interesting to follow as they emerge.


I just came here from Reddit, wondering if we’d have some discussion. Apparently, the original maintainer stepped away and the new maintainer had… less than honorable intentions.

Interested to see how this discussion evolves. Some open source circles seem to be singling this out as an open source problem, but it seems like a software problem in general. Nobody works on one project forever.


I don’t understand, why braking sharply would be a negative. Surely, if sharp braking is not followed by a colision, it is a sign that the driver was probably cut up and was observant and managed to avoid an accident, it isn’t just a sign of bad driving.

I drive a 10 year old Qashqai, which has no online services. For the 300-400 miles a month I drive, it isn’t worth upgrading and it has Bluetooth, so I can listen to my podcasts and audiobooks, I don’t need any more. I’ve actually been thinking of going in the other direction and getting an old-timer (a car at least 30 years old, which is exempt from vehicle tax).

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I guess it depends if it happens occasionally or frequently. If you’re constantly almost in an accident, then it could be the case that you’re exceptionally unlucky, or more likely it’s a sign that you’re not a particularly good or safe driver and/or that you take chances too often and/or you drive too fast for conditions.